Install MicroMax Gutter Guards

Professional gutter crews love how MicroMax installs, and you will too!

Install Gutter Covers Professionally? It Shouldn’t Slow You Down

When you’re out on a job site, how much extra time do you spend to install gutter covers?  If your business focuses on working for roofers, builders, contractors, or even if your business has you interacting directly with homeowners, you know important everything you install is to your bottom line.

No one should be installing gutters, roofs or siding without making sure they have a gutter cover to upsell (unless, perhaps, you’re installing on a farm house with no trees around).  Nor should you be selling an old-fashioned gutter guard (spoiler alert: most designs are more than 100-years old).  The entire gutter guard industry has begun shifting to stainless steel micro mesh protection.  Savvy homeowners demand it, the professional reviewers prefer it and YOU should be installing it.

For this all to make sense, your gutter cover installations must allow your installers to maintain a work pace you’re used to.  The product needs to be easy to train and safe to install.

The gutter covers you sell need to work well, because, with anything you do, your reputation is on the line.  In the world we live in, you can live and die by your reviews, ratings and referrals.

With this in mind, we’ve created MicroMax Gutter Guards. 

Flat is Bad!

Anyone can install gutter covers flat over or tucked into the gutter trough. That’s easy.  The fact is, they just don’t happen to work very well.

MicroMax is in a league of its own because it doesn’t sit flat, but angles like the roof.  Want to eliminate callbacks or maintenance for the homeowner?  Pitch the gutter guard like the roof and have it do most of the work.

Invisible from the Street!

MicroMax is pitched, but virtually invisible from most points of view (except when looking down on it from a bedroom window if there’s a gutter below).  Its low profile makes it great for any style home and every style roofline.

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No Special Parts

You’re going to love how MicroMax installs over a 5- or 6-inch gutter. Inside corners, outside corners and endcaps need no special parts or handling.

Use Virtually Every Foot

MicroMax comes in Stainless Steel gray so that you’ll never waste a foot you buy.  It’s also priced so you can keep a box handy on your truck and upsell a system right on the spot!

English and Spanish Instructions

No matter which language your installers are more comfortable in, we’ve got installation instructions (with photographs) in every box. Rest assured, we didn’t rely on Google translate to make sure our instructions were comprehensive.  Any questions?  You can give us a call and our staff can assist you in either language.

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