About MicroMax Gutter Guard

MicroMax Gutter Guard is manufactured in the USA by a Woman Owned Business

Our Story

Karen Sager has taken the reigns from her predicessor, Alex Higginbotham, the Godfather of Micro Mesh Gutter Guards. They hold the key R&D patents in the industry, making the most changes to product performance over the past decade. 

  • Cutting Edge Technolgy 100% 100%
  • Product Performance 98.6% 98.6%
  • Customer Happiness 97.8% 97.8%

What We Do

Micro Mesh Gutter Guards Started Here

We’re the only company in the USA to be affillated with the creator of stainless steel micro mesh gutter guards.

Forward Thinking

When you invent the techology you never stop improving it. Performance is always the first priority of our designs.

Problem Solvers

People come to MicroMeshGutterGuards.com to solve their gutter problems. It’s lead to advance performance and protection serves many markets, from homeowners to contractors, to universities and multifamily complexes.

Customer Support

Top notch protection can’t be achieved without a staff of professionals that know every part of the business.  Just call, we have the answers

Who We Are

Patrick O'Driscoll

Business Development Manager

Patrick has more than two decades of real estate experience and understands how service and reputation can make or break a business. He can help you to grow your gutter protection business and share how MicroMax can help meet your business objectives.

Chris Vierrether

Business Development Manager

Chris brings more than 15 years of home improvement managerial and sales training experience, over 10 of which where focused on gutter guards. His sales training involved multi branch operations for those looking to expand into new territories.

Aaron Kapfer

Business Development & Director - Installations

Gutter installations vary from house to house, from state to state.  Aaron has seen it all and can help address any installation issues as well as help you purchase MicroMax.

Jerry Brown

Business Development - Branch Management Specialist

He’s walked in your shoes as the branch manager of two different gutter guard systems. Just ask him which ones do what they say they can do.